What's New in Sao Mai Braille

Information about new features and changes of Sao Mai Braille’s releases.

  • 22.12: released in Dec 22, 2022.
  • 22.10.1: Released in Oct 1, 2022. This minor update improves some features for mathematics, code signing, and fixes table a list translation issues.
  • 22.9.15: released in Sep 15th, 2022. Beside many new other features and improvements, two key highlights in this release are: new advanced features of the SM Music Braille translation engine such as: measure passage repetitions, print line/page numbering, system breaks... And full support for mathematics, including: accessible math editor, import/export LaTeX and MathML, and convert math equations into speech and Braille.
  • Read information about older releases here.


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