Letter of Appeal

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing on behalf of Sao Mai Center for the Blind (SMCB), a non-profit organization established in October 2001 with a commitment to ensuring that people with visual impairment have the right to learn, work, and live in an equal and inclusive society.

We work to empower the blind people for their full and equal partticipation in society by promoting the research, development and application of assistive technology.

As a non-profit organization, we operate without government funding and rely on sponsored projects, our own efforts, and the generosity of contributors like you to continue empowering those with visual impairments through technology application and development. You can find detailed information about our mission and activities on our website's About page.

As of 2022, SMCB has made significant strides in enhancing the lives of visually impaired individuals in Vietnam. We've trained trainers and technicians, established 26 computer labs across 23 cities/provinces, facilitated access to technology for thousands of visually impaired people, produced thousands of accessible digital books for blind students, provided assistive software tools for both organization and visually impaired individuals, and many more. However, our impact is mainly constrained by financial limitations, and we are reaching out to organizations, companies, and individuals like you to help us expand our activities to better support people with visual challenges.

Here are among various ways you can contribute and support our cause:

1. Equipment Donation:

We are in need of assistive technology devices such as computers, Braille embossers, Braille notetakers, printers, scanners, and mobile devices to bridge the digital divide and provide essential tools for visually impaired students and associations in remote underserved areas.

2. Financial Aid:

Your financial donations will be allocated with transparency, with 95% directly benefiting visually impaired individuals and 5% covering coordination and management costs. Detailed reports are available upon request.

3. Project-Specific Contributions:

You could consider contributing to our specific activities , including: accessible books production, technology trainings, vocational training, job placement, independent living programs, and assistive software development.

4. Operational Costs:

SMCB provides some technology related services and assistive products for companies and organizations to generate revenue, which helps us cover operational expenses. However, we still need financial support for upgrading and acquiring new equipment to enhance the efficiency of our activities.

Your contribution will not only make a difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals but will also play a crucial role in creating a more equal and inclusive society in Vietnam.

We believe that disability is not just a medical or social issue; it is a human rights issue. Your support will help us continue advocating for the rights of visually impaired individuals.

For further information, or to discuss your potential contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to partnering with you in this meaningful endeavor.


Dang Hoai Phúc

Executive Director

Sao Mai Center for the Blind (SMCB)

52/22 Huynh Thien Loc St., Hoa Thanh ward, Tan Phu Dist.,

HCM, 700000 Vietnam

Email: info@saomaicenter.org

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