Sao Mai Braille 22.10.1 released

This quick update improves some features for mathematics, code signing, and fixes table a list translation issues. Below are the details:

  • Software code is now signed under Anh Truc Company Limited name in order to raise its reputation to avoid download/installation security warnings. Anh Truc Co. Ltd is operated under Sao Mai Center for the Blind, serving as a business entity with the goal to generate income to support Sao Mai’s activities.
  • Added option to list all supported filetypes in file open dialogue.
  • Updated Russian UI language.
  • Mathematics: search equation by typing its name (Alt+d); added favorite category to list frequently-used expressions (browse from search by category with Alt+s); and rearranged controls for better navigation.
  • Fixes: unable to translate data table; list item with multiple lines were not indented correctly.

Download SMB from its main page here.


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Search math expression by name window