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This page is to share posts about assistive technology for the blind.

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Tips For Engravers To Produce Braille Transcription-Friendly Scores


These tips are for engravers who produce scores using music…

Vietnamese Saigon Braille Grade 1


Vietnamese Saigon Braille contracted grade 1, used by many blind…

Automatically check, and update NVDA add-ons


This will check, download, and install new add-ons for NVDA…

What's New in NVDA 2018.4


Highlights of this release include performance improvements in…

What's New in JAWS 2019


Quick reviews on about new main features of Jaws 2019

What's new in NVDA 2018.3


Highlights of this release include automatic detection of many…

Using NVDA more effective with Speech History add-on


Add-on for reviewing, and copying messages spoken by NVDA.