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Sao Mai VNVoice is the first usable text-to-speech engine with screen reading software on Windows for Vietnamese language. And it's still being used widely by blind computer users in Vietnam till today!

Highlight Features

  • Read text in Unicode, VNI, and ABC encodings.
  • There are two voice persons named "Minh Du" and "Mai Dung" for Unicode.
  • Speak English text with built-in English voice data recordings, or pronounce non-Vietnamese words in Vietnamese approach.
  • Define pronunciation dictionary.

Sao Mai VNVoice is SAPI5-compliant so it should work on all Windows versions which are supported SAPI5 standard. Similarly, any screen reading or speech-based output software support SAPI5, should use the TTS as well.

Jaws user should install script JVietnamese to easily swich between synthesizers and voices.

Download Sao Mai VNVoice 1.0

SaoMai_voice1.0.exe (250MB)


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