SMB 23.10 Release Announcement

Morning Star with Vietnamese name as "Sao Mai"
Tactile graphic of Morning Star translated and embossed by SMB

We are pleased to announce the release of Sao Mai Braille (SMB) 23.10, a free and powerful tool for producing Braille materials for literature, tactile graphics, math, and music.

Highlights in this release include: experimental feature for translating and embossing tactile graphics, adding new Braille translation tables for literature texts, supporting the Spanish math code (CMU), applying most rules from Vietnamese math and chemistry Braille codes; and Bug fixes.

More details about the new features and improvements in this release are as follows:

  • Support for inserting and translating images into Braille tactile graphics from either the print or Braille document window. Additionally, it supports importing VIM tactile graphic files that are translated and exported by the PictureBraille software.

    Please note that this tactile graphic translation feature of SMB is still experimental. Please stay tuned for more interesting related features in the next major release!
  • Adding Enabling Technology embosser model.
  • Support for embossing tactile graphics. Tactile graphic embossing has been tested on Index Basic-D V4 and Enabling Technology Braille Express 100. When selecting an Index Braille model, the "Graphic dot distance" option is shown, allowing users to choose the resolution.
  • Print dialogue in Braille document window has “Print to file” option. The next edit field is to specify filename of the file. If checked, it will write to a file instead of sending to a printer.
  • Update to the latest LibLouis 3.27 library and support for new Braille tables for the following languages: Filipino contracted, Romanian uncontracted, Thai uncontracted, and Tshivenda uncontracted.
  • On the Expression tab page in the math equation insert dialogue, to quickly search for operators/functions, press Alt+s to search by category or Alt+d to search by typing the name. These two keystrokes are applicable for all user interface languages.
  • Update to the latest MathCAT 0.3.6 library, including the addition of the Spanish math Braille code; support for most rules in Vietnamese math and chemistry Braille codes; writing each equation of differential equations/row of a matrix on its own line; and improving speech for English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • Fixed issues: wrong cell position when last cell is broken to new line in Braille columnar data table type.

    Cursor doesn’t stay in relevant position when translating document with music scores into Braille.

    “Out of argument” error is occurred when printing with Braille custom paper size.

    It doesn’t convert to unicode Braille when selected ascii text has blank line.

    Braille indicators for font attributes and translation table are not handled properly.

    PEF file is saved with ascii space instead of unicode space, and marked red after saving to PEF.

Visit Sao Mai Braille's main page for more information and download.


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