Bung Sang - A High-Quality Braille Music Translation Software Engine

Bung Sang is a software component designed to convert music into high-quality Braille scores.
The Bung Sang component is utilized in both the SMB online music Braille converter and the SMB desktop converter.
Bung Sang offers over a hundred APIs for a variety of flexible Braille music translation options.


We provide Bung Sang as a software component to integrate into your software or an accessible book production system.
Our team will collaborate with you to ensure the smooth integration of the component into your software on requested platforms.
We require funding to maintain, improve, and develop new functions for the component.
We're enthusiastic about collaborating on projects that leverage our Bung Sang software component to enhance access to music for the visually impaired community. Your input and partnership are invaluable to us.
Please don’t hesitate to write to us via email at: info@saomaicenter.org


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