SMB 23.6 Release

We are delighted to announce the release of Sao Mai Braille (SMB) version 23.6. Sao Mai Braille is a free rich-text editor and Braille translation software for literary text, graphics, mathematics, and music.

Highlights in this release include: a new Braille page and printer management tool, the ability to apply Braille table types to multiple data tables in one document, fixes for critical issues, and many other improvements.

Further details of this release are:

  • Updated to SM Music Braille library 23.06. Improvements and fixes include:

    • "Restate key signature" option is now working.

    • Corrected the order of multiple fingerings for a note.


    • Does not apply partial repeat when fingering is in repeated passage but not in the original.

    • Fixed the wrong convergent slur for a normal slur.

    • Fixed the incorrect placement of attachments in interval notes, such as interval chord note with attached arpeggios, breath marks, and fermatas.

    • Addressed issues with in-accord cases for measures with hidden rests, especially in MusicXML scores exported by the Sibelius Dolet plugin.

    • Multiple measure rests are abbreviated by default, not attached to backward and measure-number repeats.

  • New tool to manage Braille page and embosser settings. Supported brands, including Braillo, Index Braille, Nippon Telesoft, Viewplus, and generic models.

    To configure, go to Tools menu and choose Embosser.

    Braille Characters Per Line (CPL) and Lines Per Page (LPP) settings are moved from General to Embosser page.

  • Allowed to set text direction from right to left.

    Go to Format menu, choose "Right-to-left text". If not checked, the direction is left-to-right.

  • Supported to apply different Braille table types for multiple data tables in one document.

    In print document, navigate to a table, press Alt+T for Table menu, choose a table type from "Translate table as" submenu to apply it.

  • Fixes include:

    • Braille page breaking when having header or footer.

    • Align left/right/center for page number in header or footer.

    • Braille blank line after header or before footer.

    • Braille page numbering when having document has multiple inserted objects together with text.

    • "Keep table row together" option of "row per paragraph" table type.

    • In "Check for update" dialogue, focus is automatically set to "Run update" button when the download is finished.

    • Moved Table Of Contents from Tools menu to Insert menu.


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