Dùng Tay Thay Mắt

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According to latest survey, there are more than 1 million visually impaired people currently living and working in Vietnam. They are living independently, just like any other people without disabilities, thanks for training programs to empower the blind, assistive software and tools, their own personal skills and efforts to sharpen the remaining senses.

People with visual impairment definitely can perform well in jobs which require patience and ability to focus. They are self-reliant enough to take part in daily and social activities with other people. They can develop software products, use mobile phones or computers, join facebook, play music and they can even cook for their family. At the workplace, they are loyal and devoted employees. However, there are still doubts in the community about the abilities of the visually impaired. This lack of understanding has accidentally led to a great barrier facing blind people in fighting for their rights, equality and fully access to public services.

With the objective of raising awareness of the blind’s abilities, we from Sao Mai Center have been working on a reality series named “Eyes Off, Hands On”. In each episode of this series, we will follow people with visually impairment in their daily lives to show you how they live and how they work. Hopefully it helps the community to get a better picture of the world of people with sight loss.

Nguyễn Phạm Hoài Nhân

Trong tập 3 của chương trình Dùng Tay Thay Mắt, Trung tâm Sao Mai xin giới thiệu một gương điển hình người khiếm thị thành công trong trong lĩnh vực Hòa Âm & Phối Khí.


Hãy cùng chúng tôi xem tập #2 của chương trình Dùng Tay Thay Mắt để hiểu cách một người mù hoàn toàn bảo trì và thay thế phần cứng máy tính.


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