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Welcome to Sao Mai AccessTech issue 55 - July, 2018!
Beside the news about technology for the blind, the article section introduces the last part of the series called Settings for safe and optimal Windows, new features in NVDA 2018.2, and the guide for using Sao Mai Braille - new software developed by Sao Mai center for the blind. The tips section introduces an add-on for NVDA named speech history for reviewing and copying 100 most recent messages spoken by NVDA. The Apps introduces section are application on Windows, Android, especially apps on IOS contributed by Ly Do Phuc Loc - our new contributor.

News section

1. Windows 10 April 2018 Update has been releasing

Microsoft has released the version 1803 of Windows 10 named Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Below are articles we've found about that:
Download Windows 10
What's new in Windows 10 April 2018 Update
The updates will be process automatically after May 8. However, advance users can use tools such as Media Creation Tool, or Windows 10 Update Assistant from here to get this update anytime.

2. Announcing the release of the multi-line Braille display

After five years researching and development, Bristol Braille has just announced about their first multi-line Braille display in the world. According to Bristol Braille, their Canute 360 will have the cheaper price compared to current single-line Braille displays on the market. Now it's in the final testing and planned to for sale later this year. Take a look at:

3. Application for scanning and OCR from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Lens is an OCR app which supports for Android, iOS and Windows. It not only recognizes the text from a scanned image from a physical book page but also lets users scan and recognize from a blackboard in classroom. It does have some mistakes but it's so great for such a free ap from Microsoft. Take a look at:

4. Updated the article about settings for save and optimal Windows

LE Văn Mai - our contributor has updated his contents for part for of the article above. Take a look at:

5. The wiki about Reaper accessibility

Here is the Accessibility Wiki for Reaper, a complete digital audio production application for Windows and Mac OS X:

6. New news reader android app from Le Anh Tuan

According to Le Anh Tuan (the VNR4B's author), the android app VNR4B had become an out-of-date app, so he stopped developing it. Instead, he is working on a new one called NewsBack. The highlights of this app are features such as ability to get info from RSS, choose whether to use with self-voice or current screen reader, some features can be controlled using media buttons... He also told that user have to pay for some advance features of this app. Right now, this still a beta.

7. Google Android Accessibility Suite has been released

Google has been released the Android Accessibility Suite 6.2 - a package of tools for Android blind users. More info at:
The help page for talkback has also been update to handle changes since this version:

8. Released Sao Mai Braille

Sao Mai has just released the rich-text editing and Braille translation software named Sao Mai Braille (SMB). Some of its main features include:

  • Editing and translating rich text into Braille.
  • 6-key input method with FDSJKL and VCXM,.
  • Supporting to translate into Braille for more than 60 languages with the LibLouis library.
  • Working and translating into Braille correctly with popular document formats such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx).
  • Allowing to translate document written in multiple languages by their correct Braille translation table.
  • Highly customizing translation options to process Braille formats with built-in styles set.
  • Friendly and multi-lingual user interface.

More info and download links can be viewed on SMB page at:

Article section

Settings for safe and optimal Windows (Part V - end)

Fast shutdown and optimize hard disk.

Sao Mai Braille User Guide

Sao Mai Braille (SMB) is a rich text editing and Braille translation software, developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. We hope that this additional tool will help blind individuals/organizations for/of visually impaired people produce Braille materials quickly and less costly. It supports to translate and format into Braille for more than 60 languages and is highly customizable.

What's new in NVDA 2018.2

Highlights of this release include Support for tables in Kindle for PC, support for HumanWare BrailleNote Touch and BI14 Braille displays, Improvements to both OneCore and Sapi5 speech synthesizers, improvements in Microsoft Outlook and much more.

Tips section

Using NVDA more effective with Speech History add-on

Add-on for reviewing, and copying messages spoken by NVDA.

App introduces

From the Access Tech issue 50, we release a new section called App Introduce. This is not for usage guide, not for sharing application or programs, but introduce programs, or apps on the popular operating system, accessible to screen reader user, found by THE Sao Mai Technology team, or given by audience. By the goal of sharing valuable programs or apps for working, studying, entertainment… we wish this would be a useful section, and wish that you would contribute us the tutorials for programs or apps shared on our magazine.


  1. CCleaner: clean system's junk, running on Windows and Android. There are free, and pay versions:
  2. TXT2Tags: document generator : User just write text files with markup, follow its rules, and then generate to over 20 popula format such as HTML, LaTeX, Google code wiki...
  3. Easy Converter Express: free tool to convert Word document into format such as Braille, large print, MP3 and DAISY:
  4. Air Explorer: cloud account management:
  5. MuseScore: free, open source music editor:


  1. Be my eyes: free app on Android and IOS, helps people by volunteer sighted people via Video call:
  2. Auto Speaker: turn speaker on automatically when move the phone far from ear while making call:
  3. Duo: hi quality video call:
  4. Amazing MP3 Recorder: hi quality recorder, including call recording:
  5. Koda Daisy Reader: free daisy reader:


  1. ‎Khan Academy: app for allmost free learning everything:
  2. ‎Udacity: courses of learning skill in many subject: free and pay in many languages:
  3. Audible: free audio book:
  4. Read to go: accessible Bookshare reader:

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