Sao Mai AccessTech Issue 46

Welcome to Sao Mai AccessTech Issue 46!

Our tech team at Sao Mai has been working hard over the past month in order to prepare for the published content, restructure the newsletter to help readers easily navigate among sections by headings, add email subscription feature and complete the form to submit shared articles from readers.
We are also happy to announce that from issue 46, we will have the English issue release. We know that our English compacity is still very limited. But with the hope to share to more visually impaired readers, our team just takes the decision to go on with it. In addition, right below each post, there’s the comment section, where we welcome all people to send questions, support others and give feedbacks to that topic.
If you have further requests/questions, please drop us a message via our Contact Us page.

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News section

New Features on Sao Mai Website

Book download links on the Library page has moved to the top for easy navigation and download. Completed the products and services online shop system and is being updated with more assistive products. Let users to subscribe to receive monthly Sao Mai AccessTech magazine and latest important updates from Sao Mai activities via email on newsletter subscriptions page. Users are encouraged to register account with us in order to fully access whole website features.


Getting the Free Vietnamese NVDA Training Modules

Last February and March, 2017, NV Access and Sao Mai has released the Vietnamese translation of NVDA Basics and Microsoft Word with NVDA training modules. NV Access has given the permission to Sao Mai to solely distribute the modules to all users in need. You can fill this form to request Vietnamese copies for free.


Accepting Accessible Materials Production Requests

As usual, visually impaired people can send us the accessible materials production requests for free, especially for materials serving the education and employment purposes. You can contact us or send the request on the library page. From here, users can also share their accessible materials with other visually impaired readers as well.


New Apps from Le Anh Tuan

Mr. Le Anh Tuan has released several applications which aim to address several needs today of visually impaired users, including VNSpeak NVDA add-on, VNSpeak SAPI-5 compliant TTS, NOFB for reading built-in Vietnamese stories on Android and DR4B for text reader. Read this news more at:


Computer Training Program at HCM Talking Book Library

March 26th, 2017, the HCM Talking Library has launched a project sponsored by Vietnam Microsoft to provide computer trainings for visually impaired people. Article about this project can be viewed on VietnamNet newspaper here (in Vietnamese).


Dot Watch: Braille Smart Watch

This is the first Braille smartwatch in the world, expected to be shipped out in the second quarter of 2017. Beside watch features, Dot Watch connects with iPhone and Android through Bluetooth devices to display notifications such as text messages, incoming calls etc. It has 4 Braille cells to display the content and two touch sensors to scroll. For the moment, there are more than 140,000 pre-orders around the world. Sao Mai is working with the Dot Incorporation to obtain the dealership for Vietnam market. You can read the review at:


New International TechTalk Mailing Discussion for the Blind

Early May, 2017, one international email discussion forum about ICT for visually impaired people, named TechTalk has been launched. People with concerns can subscribe and exchange all related topics with others. Information about the group and how to subscribe can be viewed at:


Using File Storage Service, OneDrive

Like Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive is a cloud file storage platform of Microsoft. They just publish a guide on how to use this service with screen readers, view  at Get started using a screen reader with the OneDrive app for Windows 10. Our team at Sao Mai is going to translate this into Vietnamese soon.


Audacity Jaws Script 2.10

Feb, 2017, Gary Campbell, Dang Manh Cuong and the team have released the Audacity Jaws script 2.10. This release has improved some existing Audacity elements that are normally inaccessible by Jaws, able to work with Jaws 18 and has full Vietnamese translation. The Vietnamese translation is done by Dang Manh Cuong, Nguyen Hoang Giang and Le Thi Theu. You can download this release of Audacity Jaws script 2.10 here.


Google Talkback 5.2

Talkback 5.2 was just released in April, 2017 with several new features such as speech verbosity, hearing number of characters in password field, response with voice and some interesting other features. Read the detailed news at:…


Conference NVDACon with the Theme: Community Engagement will organize the online annual international conference from May 19-21, 2017 at This conference is for all NVDA users, developers, supporters and to whom with concerns in order to get related updates and gather ideas from its community. You will meet with keynote speakers from NV Access, DictationBridge, Google and many others. Listen to their welcome message at:; and visit for more information.


UNICEF Innovation Program

According to UNICEF: Approximately one billion people in the world are living with a disability, 80% of which are living in developing countries. 1 in 10 are children and this number is ever growing. People with disabilities face not only social discrimination but also barriers to accessing services such as health, education, employment, and transportation. Developing assistive technologies is one of the key solutions for this project of UNICEF. Read more information at:


Articles Section

What's New in NVDA 2017.1 and Upcoming 2017.2 Release

By Dang Manh Cuong

List of new features, changes and bug fixes in NVDA 2017.1 released in Feb, 2017 and some highlights on upcoming NVDA 2017.2 planned to be public in early June, 2017.


Using NVDA Configuration Profile

By Dang Hoai Phuc

Many NVDA users have skipped this powerful feature! This article will show you how to create different settings to be used in certain situation based on users’ need.


What's New in JAWS 18.0

By Dang Manh Cuong

Listing new features and improvements of Jaws 18 released in late 2016.


Gmail Service: Sending File Attachment

By Dang Hoai Phuc

The most popular email service in the world! In the series of articles in our issues will give users on important notes as using Gmail. Notes for file attachment is the topic for this issue.


Tips and Tricks Section

Installing Vietnamese Dictionary for Spell-check in Microsoft Word

By Dang Hoai Phuc

If you want to check spelling errors and remove red underline for Vietnamese words, this article will guide you solve those problems.


Sending Same Content Text Message to Multiple People on iPhone

by Nguyen Thanh Son

Let's start texting greetings in some special occasions to your friend list with your lovely Apple friend!


Mass-updating Vietnamese Phone Number Contacts with VNPT Update Contact

By Ly Hoang

If you are having Vietnamese home phone numbers in your contact list, this guide will guide you with few simple steps to automatically update those numbers. Fyi, since Feb, 2017, home phone numbering system in Vietnam has been changed by adding extra prefix number for different area codes.


Look Up Information Using Voice Command with VAV

By Dang Manh Cuong

Are you tired or lazy typing to search for things on your Android devices? This article will show you how to use the Virtual Assistance for Vietnamese app to explore your device by voice.


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