Sao Mai AccessTech Issue 51

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Welcome to Sao Mai AccessTech Issue 51 - Oct 2017!

Beside the news about technology for blind people, the article section introduces the last article about solutions to solve problems where you cannot open an app on Windows 10, collected by Mr. Le Van Mai. He also contributes an article with more details about the settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's need. From now on, we'll introduce you. This also contain an article about Jaws 18.0 enhancement. The tips section introduces the OCR feature on Windows 10, and the way to solve problem where you cannot log in to Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Besides, we introduce some accessible programs on Windows. Wish you enjoy this.

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News section

  1. Sao Mai center has plan to upgrade the Vietnamese Synthesizer Sao Mai VN Voice next year. This is not to add any new features, but to solve any problems you have while using it. We hope to receive your featbacks about issue you have while using the program so we could bring the new, better version next year. Please send your comments to We would like to thanks all people who sent featbacks about this via some Vietnamese technology for the blind forums.
  2. On Oct 16, Carlos Nazario pass away due to cancer.

    Carlos Nazario has a lot of contributes for blind people who use computer, such as Windows Mail for Windows 7 or later, Virtual Recorder, and the common tool we think is Windows Talking PE, which useful for re install Windows. He'll be missed by blind community all over the world
  3. Be my eyes released Android version

    This is an application where a blind person can ask for Realtime help from sighted contributor on the network, and sighted persons can offer their help to the blind members via video call. To learn more and download a copy on your device, visit the following link:
  4. From 24 to 25 June 2017, a training course about "Using Facebook for Online Business and Marketing" was held at Sao Mai Center for blind people interested in making profit online. This is a part of Sao Mai's programs to advance career opportunities for people with visual impairment.

    Let's listen to the trainees' feedback after the course Please click the CC button to turn on English captions. This video is made by MT's Film and Photography.
    1. Windows 10 has been updated to version 1709 named Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. People can install via Windows Update or download using the tools at We didn't see any comments on this, accept Jaws 18.0 was not accessible to Edge browser, and Windows didn't work. Freedom Scientific has a blog post about Jaws and Windows 10 Fall Creators Update at

articles section

Tips section

App introduces

Programs for many tasks, collected by Sao Mai Tech team and our audience. This issue introduces apps on Windows:

  1. Go Tieng Viet:

    This is a Vietnamese keyboard, which supported many Character set, such as Unicode, VNI Windows, TCVN; many input method, such as Telex, VNI... support convert Vietnamese Character set. More information (Vietnamese) at

  2. Jaws Script Install:

    Install, and recompile Jaws script from a *.zip file: (Vietnamese).

  3. Challenge Chess:

    Chess program: (Vietnamese).

  4. MP3DirectCut:

    Simple audio recording, and editing:

  5. OneKeyGhost:

    Good tool to backup, and restore Windows:

  6. Lingoes:

    Free dictionary and translation:

  7. Reaper:

    pay, professional music recording program:

  8. TWBlue:

    Accessible Twitter client on Windows:

  9. Notepad++:

    Free text editor, supports many programming language:

  10. Freemake Video Downloader:

    Download, and convert Video from YouTube and similar sites:

End of Sao Mai AccessTech Issue 51

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