Automatically check, and update NVDA add-ons

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This will check, download, and install new add-ons for NVDA automatically.

You use NVDA as primary screen reader, and you feel tired of checking, and install your favorite add-on? Luckily, there is an add-on for doing that job.

The add-on called add-on updater, written by Joseph Lee, that will check, download, and install new add-ons automatically, if any. Download from
To check and update after installing this add-on, go to NVDA menu ->Tools ->Check for add-on updates. If there are any updates available, a list will be shown, which display information about current installed version, and new version of each add-on. Use arrow keys to navigate, and use spacebar to check, or uncheck any of add-on found in the list. These are checked by default. Press Alt+U, or use tab to find and activate the update add-on button, then NVDA will download, and install new add-ons update automatically. When finish updating, you will be prompted to restart NVDA, press Enter to restart the program, and you are done!

This is the basic information I share about how to check for, download, and install NVDA add-ons automatically. Please read the documentation to find out more if you're interested this add-on. Hope this useful for you.

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