Translate Sao Mai Braille (Windows version)

Read our call for help to translate Sao Mai software into new languages here!

We created one simple tool to help easily translate and manage localization files. Download the SM Translator tool and language localization files for Sao Mai Braille here.

Unzip the file to your local drive, you will find .uil (User Interface Language) files and SMTranslator.exe (the tool).


Translate Existing Languages

  1. Run SMTranslator.exe.
  2. Choose Open, select the language file (for instance, French.uil) that you want to add new or improve existing translations. By default, it will use “English (US).uil” file as the language source file.
  3. The focus will be in a list containing with 4 columns: numbered order, source string (English), destination language string and text ID (the unique variable assigned for that string).
    Use arrow keys to select string to translate.
    There are other four associated edit tab controls (Number, English, Your language and Text ID), where you can use to quickly search for specific translation string based on those categories.
  4. Next tab read-only control shows full English source string selected from the list. And the next tab will be the edit translation field where to write the translation.
    Press F2 every time completing one string translation to save; or, Esc to cancel the input.
    Focus will be back to the strings translation list.
  5. Continue until you finish translations, then choose Save button to save the destination language file.

When you are done, please email us your language .uil file at:

If you want to test the translation file to see how it shows in Sao Mai Braille user interface:

  1. Choose Export button from SMTranslator window. This will create one .lang file in the same folder of your destination .uil file (for instance: French.lang).
  2. Copy .lang file, open Run dialogue (Windows+R), type in: “%appdata%\SaoMai\SMB\Lang” (without quotation marks). Then, paste the .lang file into that folder.
  3. Run SMB, go to Tools -> Options -> General page, then under the language tab, choose your language and press Enter.


Some important notes:

  • Special character “&” is used to define hotkeys in combination with “Alt” key for that feature. So, you can remove it or move it right before the character in your translation language that you want to make it become the hotkey.
  • Text with % sign like “%s” should be kept intact. However, you can move it to other suitable position of the sentence in your language.
  • Text in left/right brackets should be kept intact.


Translate SMB into New Language

By this writing, SMB’s current version has more than 3,000 strings. To add translation for new language:

  1. Run SMTranslator.exe.
  2. Choose New button.
  3. Browse for the English source language file (“English (US).uil”). This English source file is zipped in the same folder of SMTranslator.exe tool.
  4. Fill in both English and native names for the new translation language and choose Ok.
  5. The focus will be back to SM Translator’s main window. Now you can start to translate!
    Please read the Translate Existing Language section above for more information.



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