SM Music Reader Update Version 1.5.5 for Android

Highlights in this release include:

  • Translate and export to Braille music BRF file.
  • Metronome tool:
    • Added combined time signature, which allows to choose up to three different time signatures.
    • Create tempo songs: choose multiple time signatures with their own tempo values, no limit of customized-tempo phrases and manage/open/save tempo songs.
    • Set volume for main and sub-division beats.
  • Added the Optical Music Recognition (OMR) engine to help recognize and convert image-based music scores (PDF/JPG) into MusicXML standard.
  • Sao Mai online music library has been moved to Google cloud hosting server in order to improve its stability and access speed, especially for users from around the world rather than from Vietnam.
  • And other performance improvements.


Read SM Music Reader user guide for Android or its main page for more information.



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