Sao Mai Braille Version 20.0 Released

We are happy to announce that Sao Mai just released the version 20.0 of Sao Mai Braille, a free rich-text editor and Braille translation software for Windows platform. Many new features and improvements are added in this release such as full speech output support, accessible math equation input, Braille music translation, new user interface and more. Please see Sao Mai Braille main page for more information and download.

What's New in Version 20.0

New Features.

  • SAPI-5 TTS compliant speech output: to read document and user interface. Go to Tools -> Options and find Voices tab.
  • Translating inserted MusicXML sheet into Braille music. Going to Insert menu, choose Music XML. See more other settings on the Music XML tab in Options dialogue.
  • Supporting Braille rich-text editing.



  • Using new rich-text component for the editor to be much more similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Rearranging the Options dialogue in Tools menu into multiple pages with additional tabs for speech and Braille music translation settings. Find under Tools menu and choose Options.
  • Adding score info dialogue to customize basic information of music sheets. Before translating to Braille with Ctrl+T, go to Tools and choose Score info to customize sheets available in the document.
  • Completely free for all, no need to register the license key after 30 days.


Known Issues

  • Text edit window is not accessible with screen readers due to the implementation of new rich-text control. So for now, blind users are advised to turn on speech output for document on the Voices tab under Options dialogue.
  • Braille translation features for Math equations and music sheets are still supported with basic rules. We need more support, inputs and feedbacks from users, experts and organization-based collaboration.



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