Sao Mai Braille: Update Version 20.1

This release includes several new features and improvements as following:

  • Added Jaws and NVDA speech engine options to have SMB read document. Please note, for user interface voice, it still uses SAPI-5.
  • Supported 32 new user interface languages. Not all strings are translated and we need help from users to localize untranslated ones. Go to Tools -> Options and General page for more information.
  • Supported for Liblouis default Braille output (mostly in Braille ascii) and in Braille Unicode. Go to Tools -> Options, ctrl+tab to Languages page for more information.
  • By default, only English and Vietnamese are added in the Translation tables menu item under Tools. To add other Braille tables, go to Tools -> Options -> Languages page, move to languages list, use arrow keys and press Space to check language Braille tables you want to add to the Translation tables menu. Then, choose Ok. Please note, existing checkboxed list of SMB is not fully accessible with screen readers, so you can turn the self-voice feature for UI voice to have it read list item state.
  • For Braille music translation: can select inserted scores, part(s) and change score info (title, composer, copyright info etc.) before translating into Braille. Go to Tools -> Score Info for more information.
  • Used LibLouis library 3.14.
  • SMB will check and notify if there’s new update version available for download.
  • We created a simple addon for NVDA to initially define rich-text classes for SMB. This addon will make SMB rich-text editing window accessible with NVDA. So, users don’t need to enable document voice as working with edit window. Download and install SMB NVDA addon at:

If you already have SMB installed, go to Help menu -> Check update to download and upgrade to the latest version. Or, visit Sao Mai Braille main page to download.


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