New powerful music transcription and more Braille related features with SMB 22.2

Highlights from this release include:

  • Used latest LibLouis library 3.20 with display table selection for Braille output in Ascii or Unicode.
  • New Braille table style; and two new translation rules for list indent and right-margin indent.
  • Created table of content from both print and Braille document.
  • Saved Braille document in SMB (Sao Mai Braille rich-text format), BRF (Braille-Ready Format), BRL (unformatted Braille), and PEF (Portable Embosser Format). Can provide meta data for SMB and PEF document types.
  • Many new powerful music Braille transcription features such as advanced repetition and note grouping; music text dictionary; doublings; advanced slurs and ties; instrument type detection and applying correct Braille translation rules; transcribing in single-part and full score mode (orchestra and chamber) for bar-over-bar, line-over-line and section-by-section formats; and many more other improvements and bug fixes.

Please read What’s new page for more details. We also update the online user guide here, or directly open it from SMB’s Help menu.

Please note, since 2022, we will start to make our software version number based on the release date as XX.YY.ZZ, in which XX is last two digits of current year, YY for month and ZZ for date. For instance, version 22.3.15, means this version is released in year 2022, March and on the 15th.

Download SMB from its main page.


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A short orchestra Braille score translated by SMB