Apart from activities to support people with visual impairment, Sao Mai Center also provides products and services for any other clients who are in need. We hope these products/services will contribute to the budget for our free-of-charge supporting services for the blind. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome you as a client and looking forward to serving you. Below are charged services that Sao Mai is providing. Please note, visually impaired students will receive all support services for their studies free of charge.

Braille Printing

Transferring materials in printed documents to electronic formats or Braille format. Document types supported include: text documents, scientific documents, images, music scores, etc. Please note, visually impaired students can request us to produce accessible digital learning materials free of charge.

Please contact Mr. Lý Văn Hoàng at +84 908 882 553.


Translating documents into English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. We also offer interpreting services for meetings, workshops, international conferences or other multi-lingual events.

Please contact Mr. Đặng Hoài Phúc at +84 903 979323.

Website Accessibility Standard and Technology Products Consultation

To help broaden your website and your products' accessibility to all potential clients, our staff in Assistive Technology Team are proud to consult you on solutions to world-wide accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 (W3C), Section 508 (U.S). Besides, with our assistive tools, we will as well help you test your IT products' performance on many different platforms.

Please contact Mr. Đặng Hoài Phúc at +84 903 979323.

Device Maintenance

To make sure your computer and mobile phone are working properly and avoid unexpected additional fee for software crashes, we offer several maintenance packages for your devices with reasonable prices. With just 120.000VND (about 6USD) per month, you can bring any of your devices to our center to be supported in maintaining and installing software. Please note, all visually impaired students will receive our technical support and related training for free in terms of serving their studies.

Please contact Mr. Hoàng Xuân Lĩnh at +84 908 377 545.


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