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Welcome to Sao Mai accessTech Issue 52, Nov 2017!
Beside news about technology for the blind, the article section continue introducing the settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's need, contributed by Mr. Lê Văn Mai. This also has the article about new features in Jaws 2018, translated to Vietnamese by Dang Manh Cuong. The apps introduce section, we're introduce apps on Windows and Android devices. We also say thanks to Mr Le Van Mai, Nguyen Pham Hoai Nhan, and other people who found and report errors in privious accessTech issue. We'll try to fix it as soon as we could. Wish you enjoy this issue!
News section

    From Nov 7, 2017, Vinh Long's Blind asociation, and Sao Mai Center has opened the basic computer training for members and leader of Vinh Long's Blind asociation. . This class is instructed by Mr. Dang Manh Cuong - Sao Mai Technology team. The syllabus includes practicing using keyboard, managing data with Windows Explorer, basic text editing with Microsoft Office Word, and surfing the Internet with Jaws screen reader. This class is about to be finished on Dec 8, 2017.
    Freedom Scientific has released the Jaws version 2018 with many new features and improvement, such as improvement of support for Microsoft Edge, ability to perform OCR using Windows Explorer / File Explorer's context menu, support for Windows Mobile voice in Windows 10, and many interested features. For more details and download, go to
    Dang Manh Cuong - Sao Mai Technology team has translated the what's new article into Vietnamese. Please read in the Article section.
    The free audio editor Audacity has just released version 2.2.0 recently with the following features: the Record command will record at the end of current track instead of new track; ability to split a track to seperated clip, easily to move along a track... Beside, hotkeys in Audacity 2.2.0 has some changes, added more new commands, such as move cursor to the start or end of clip, move around clips... This can be downloaded at The guide for using Audacity with Jaws, written by David Bailes has also been updated at Jaws script for Audacity written by Gary Campbell and Dang Manh Cuong also has the beta version, whitch support the latest Audacity. Download at:
    Firefox Version 57, also called Firefox Quantum version has about to be released on Nov 14, 2017 will not be accessible to screen reader. On their blog, Freedom Scientific has recommended blind user to install and use Firefox ESR version in time they work with Mozilla. More details at: and Download Firefox ESR at
    NvDA user, please read the article about this screen reader with Firefox 57 at:
    From Nov 1 - Nov 3, 2017, at the office of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Singapore has the meeting, discuss about Marrakesh pact.
    Mr. Dang Hoai Phuc - president of Sao Mai center has joined this, and written a vietnamese article at

Articles section
What's New in JAWS 2018

New features in Jaws 2018
Settings for safe and optimal Windows (Part II)

Continue a part of the article about setting for optmizing Windows, and fit blind's needs.
Tips section
Error when typing Vietnamese using UniKey, and the solution to solve

Tips to solve an important error while using UniKey
App introduce

From the Access Tech issue 50, we release a new section called App Introduce. This is not for usage guide, not for sharingapplication or programs, but introduce programs, or apps on the popular operating system, accessible to screen reader user,found by THE Sao Mai Technology team, or given by audiance. By the goald of sharing valueable programs or apps for working, studying, entertainmenting… we wish this would be a useful section, and wish that you would contribute us the tutorials for programs or apps shared on our magazine.

    Classic shell: brings the start menu to Windows 8 or later:
    KChess Elite: chess game for screen reader user:
    Adobe Reader: PDF reader:
    7-zip: creates archive as *.zip format, extract zip and many archive
    CDBurnerXP: free utility for burning CD / DVD:


    Eye-D: location identifies, recognize image, read text in image:
    @Voice Aloud Reader: read document with many files format on Android devices:
        Location Monitor: location identify.
    Amazing MP3 Recorder: call recorder:
    APK Extractor: create *.APK file installed app on android device:

End of Sao Mai AccessTech issue 52

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