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Welcome to Sao Mai AccessTech issue 53 - Jan, 2018!
beside news about technology for the blind, the article section introduces new features in NVDA 2017.4 (Vietnamese translated by Dang Manh Cuong); continue part 3 of Settings for safe and optimal Windows, written by Le Van Mai; Backup and restore system using Terabyte by Lan Cha. The tips section shows how to install webvisum for new version of Mozilla Firefox. The app introduce section are applications on Windows.
Wish you enjoy this issue!
The Editors.

News section

  1. On Dec 13, 2017, at the Art culture school from Vinh Long City, Vinh Long province, the basic computer training undertaken by Sao Mai Center, Vinh Long's Blind association, and other organization has been finished. Over a month from open date (Nov 7, 2017), teacher and students has tried their best to get the basic skill of using computer such as manage data, surf internet, using e-mail for their work, study, and entertainment.
  2. NVDA has released version 2017.4 - the last version of 2017 in later December, 2017. This version stops supporting Windows XP. Most of the improvement are for web applications, and Windows 10 technologies. See NVDA's documentation, or article section of this AccessTech issue for more info.
  3. Joseph Lee has been contributed a tutorial called Welcome to NVDA 2018. This tutorial has done on NVDA 2017.4 and NVDA 2018.1 about to be released on Feb, 2018, More info at
  4. Firefox version 58 is due to be released on 23 January 2018. This post explains that it should improve functionality greatly with NVDA, and also discusses the JAWS interface to Firefox:
  5. Moving on, many Windows users have become frustrated with the accessibility challenges of the latest edition of Skype. If you're one of them, here's how to get an earlier version which will likely work better:
  6. Exclusive Android gives us a hand up with 'Getting Started and How to use a Samsung Phone with Talkback:'

Article section

What's new in NVDA 2017.4

New features in NvDA 2017.4.

Settings for safe and optimal Windows (Part III)

Part 3 on Settings for safe and optimal Windows, written by Le Van Mai.

UEFI-LEGACY create and restore ghost super fat with TeraByte

Tool to backup and restore system, written by Lan Cha.

Tips section

Install Webvisum for Mozilla Firefox

Install webvisume on new versions of Mozilla Firefox.

App introduce

From the Access Tech issue 50, we release a new section called App Introduce. This is not for usage guide, not for sharing application or programs, but introduce programs, or apps on the popular operating system, accessible to screen reader user,found by THE Sao Mai Technology team, or given by audiance. By the goald of sharing valueable programs or apps for working, studying, entertainmenting… we wish this would be a useful section, and wish that you would contribute us the tutorials for programs or apps shared on our magazine. This issue will be focused on applications on Windows.

  1. Free Commander: free file manager alternative to Windows Explorer:
  2. Dropbox: free utilities for save and share resources:
  3. GoldWave: pay software for audio recording and editting:
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird: free mail client from Mozilla:
  5. PDF to TXT: free software to convert PDF document to TXT:

End of Sao Mai accesTech issue 53

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