What's New in Sao Mai Braille

Please note, the link followed each item will open the detailed information and instruction for that feature.

Version 20.0

New Features.

  • SAPI-5 TTS compliant speech output: to read document and user interface. Go to Tools -> Options and find Voices tab.
  • Translating inserted MusicXML sheet into Braille music. Going to Insert menu, choose Music XML. See more other settings on the Music XML tab in Options dialogue.
  • Supporting Braille rich-text editing.



  • Using new rich-text component for the editor to be much more similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Rearranging the Options dialogue in Tools menu into multiple pages with additional tabs for speech and Braille music translation settings. Find under Tools menu and choose Options.
  • Adding score info dialogue to customize basic information of music sheets. Before translating to Braille with Ctrl+T, go to Tools and choose Score info to customize sheets available in the document.
  • Completely free for all, no need to register the license key after 30 days.


Known Issues

  • Text edit window is not accessible with screen readers due to the implementation of new rich-text control. So for now, blind users are advised to turn on speech output for document on the Voices tab under Options dialogue.
  • Braille translation features for Math equations and music sheets are still supported with basic rules. We need more support, inputs and feedbacks from users, experts and organization-based collaboration.