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Sao Mai Center, established in 2001,  is a non-profit organization for the visually impaired people.

We work to empower the blind by using and developing assistive technology in education, employment and daily living activities.

We provide assistive products, computer training and music classes  for the blind.

We also work for vocational, job training and placement for the blind.

Along the years we created a network of 26 comp labs in 23 provinces.
Along the years we created a network of 26 comp labs in 23 provinces.


The Gallery menu provides information about our origin and activities.

More information about our achievements is available in the About menu.

We publish, in Vietnamese,  Sao Mai AccessTech Magazine focusing on assistive technology perspectives. All issues are available from the Magazine menu.

The Book Library menu gives access to our digital library. In our system we have about 3.000 materials including academic books, textbooks, handouts, lessons, references, etc.

We translated in Vietnamese a free Linux distribution for sighted children. The DDLinux Viet menu  will tell you about it.

 We need support to operate the Center and run our  activities. This is how you can help.


Please note that not all website pages are available in English yet.

You may use Google Translate or Bing Translator services to translate and learn more about us.

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