Sao Mai Braille 21.6 Beta release

Nov 5th, 2021, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Sao Mai Center for the Blind (2001-2021). In this occasion, we are happy to release Sao Mai Braille 21.6 beta version with many new features and improvements.

Music Braille format options

Three highlights of this release are:

  1. User interface are redesigned to have it work friendly with screen readers.
  2. Formatted text is well translated into both Braille rich-text and ready-file. In addition, print styles can be easily added and highly customize Braille translation rules.
  3. New powerful SM Music Braille translation engine: supports many new translation rules and advanced format/transcription options.

Visit What’s new  to learn more or download from Sao Mai Braille page.

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